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Honorable Finance Minister of Punjab, India
Story by renowned political figure in Bathinda, India.

Kant, in this debut memoir, recounts a successful life after defying the expectations of his small village in India. Over the course of this memoir, the author writes with informal clarity, affecting a simple, anecdotal register. His life story is an inspiring one of emotional fortitude and perseverance, and readers won’t be able to help but admire his considerable accomplishments…

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Kirkus Reviews [American Book Review Magazine]

“On the pages of his memoir Lakshmi Kant takes readers on a journey from his childhood days in Bathinda to his corporate days in New York City — a journey of hard work, perseverance, and determination. In addition to pulling back the curtain on his professional success, Kant allows us to see the moments big and small that have shaped all parts of his life. Throughout ‘A Nightmare on December 23rd – Strength in Connections’ Kant tells a story marked by meaningful connections to people, places, and experiences that span two continents and several decades. Kant’s stories and insights shine light on moments, memories, and ideas of significance that are at once both specific to him and universal, offering readers the wonderful opportunity to see themselves and their dreams along the way.”

Beth Kanter, Author, No Access DC and Great Food Finds DC
United States

“I congratulate CS Lakshmi for his initiative to write about his success story and inspire our Company Secretary fraternity. I look forward to the book.

Ashish Garg, President, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India

“Writing his success story is a great initiative by Lakshmi Kant. It will inspire and guide lakhs of young professionals in shaping their career. I feel proud to be his teacher and now the Principal of the DAV College, Bathinda where he graduated with a commerce major in 1992. He was a hardworking, laborious and caring student and thus loved by each and every member of teaching fraternity. On behalf of the management, staff and students of DAV College Bathinda I wish him further success in all his future endeavors.

Parveen Kumar Garg, Principal, DAV College Bathinda

“…Your stories are so inspiring to me and everyone else.  It must have taken a lot of courage and dedication to be where you are todayI think the lyrics of the song “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra are so true!…”


“My heartiest congratulations for this well conceived idea of writing a success story to inspire the young professionals to follow righteous path and at the same time learn from their own mistakes. You are a true role model for the upcoming brigade of Governance Professionals to gain success while striving to be a good human being.

Ranjeet Pandey, Vice President, Corporate Secretaries International Association

“…soothing walk down the memory lane…The excerpts section [of the website] was my favorite part…I can relate those experiences more than I could imagine…”

Jas A.
United Kingdom

Growing up we knew of a family in the neighborhood who moved from a small town, the father had a great future and the kids were topping every class. The family was revered and envied; everyone wanted to know their journey and secret to success. The Garg’s are that family. I am eager to read the highs and lows of Lakshmi’s personal success story and how his wife and he are passing their legacy to their two beautiful and brilliant daughters.”

Sam C.

“…you were holding back so many things in your heart…I can tell you that this book will touch every one like us….Brilliant simply brilliant…”

Bharat S.

…”whether it’s telling a story, teaching a seminar or just having a conversation, Lakshmi has a way to communicate…”

Brooke G.
United States

“…I decided to read the book [draft] over the weekend but moment I started it I found it so grasping that I read it in one go…I have to admire your artistic creativity as you delivered the message perfectly without being melodramatic…”

Ashu B.

“I know Lakshmi as my student when I was his music teacher in school [in Bathinda]. He was one of my favorite students…I am so proud of you and humbled that I got an opportunity to work with you…”

Sangeeta R.

“Reading the excerpts was absolutely gripping, the emotions jump out of the screen and they transport you back in time to the exact moment. I can understand the grit, sweat and tears that have brought Lakshmi his success. From Bathinda to New York, one thing is common, his passion for family, work and community. Can’t wait to read the book and be inspired.”

Shriram J.
Hong Kong

“This is going to be a one-of-a-kind memoir which tackles the grandest questions of life in plain terms with humor and insight. Lakshmi’s first draft absolutely nailed what it’s like to be frightened, confused, despairing immigrants fed useless platitudes about how the world works from movies, newspapers, friends, and even parents. He is speaking directly to a Z-Generation of today who has a multidimensional outlook to life. It’s a tale of a man from the Land of Five Rivers as he crossed a multiplicity of cultural bridges with an exhilarating adventure filled with frictions, tensions, accomplishments, and joy.”

Anita K.
United States

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