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I started daydreaming of performing in ‘Ram Natak Club,’ an open-air theater on the outskirts of our small town’s old fort…

“Get up and come. Paranthas (morning bread) are ready,” and we all rushed near her oven and sat down to have breakfast..

“What is he doing here?” one Indian representative sitting at a meeting of the… Italy raised a question. The fact was I was asked to observe the meeting before my interview. A young Indian boy, without much experience, sitting in such a meeting was completely ridiculous to him. Little did he know that I had an actual invitation to the meeting. Nevertheless, the director of the meeting…..”

“Mr. Garg, you won’t like the answer,” she smiled as she replied. “Most students can and sometimes do get into the top 30 colleges in the country, but their parents…..I knew that by ‘most parents’ she was referring to the large majority of…”

..but we were getting near where it was going to be all over….I was going to lose my American dream…

..It was July 30, 2018. I checked my phone and I got the following message:

The relationships were fragile, but I hoped this moment would change things

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