Title Day Special – Free Sample Audiobook

Enjoy a captivating common person journey in this unique audio sample with soothing background music, theatrical sound effects, and the voices of different characters.

The narrator unfolds the plot in this opening episode when he faces a life threatening situation at a New York hospital…

Part I – The Beginning

When a “miracle” child gives up hope to break a long standing myth prevailing in an Indian village…

Episode 1 – Broke the Chain

A local musician of an Indian village, in the 1970s, prepares his grandson for the dream that he himself gave up pursuing….

Episode 2 – Early Sonatas

To access full audiobook, send a proof of purchase of e-book or print copy to nightmare.dec23@gmail.com. The e-book and print copy is available for purchase at Link to Amazon or at India Link

Sound Recording Copyright© 2020 by Lakshmi Kant. U.S. Copyright Registration Number: SRu001431154/2020. Text Copyright© 2020 by Lakshmi Kant. U.S. Copyright Registration Number: Txu002208408/2020

Published by lagarg

My name is Lakshmi Kant. I am a Certified Public Accountant with more than twenty years of professional experience. I graduated from the D.A.V. College Bathinda (a small town in the state of Punjab, India). I then became member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and finally the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I currently live in Plainsboro, New Jersey with my wife and two daughters. I work as Managing Director at a large consulting firm in New York and spend free time writing about my life experiences and playing piano. My favorite spot on the earth is my living room, where I play duets with my youngest daughter. She on the violin me at the piano. My family and I feel very proud to present to you, 'A Nightmare on December 23rd.' I thank my daughter, Darisi Garg to create and maintain this website.

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