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“As we walked out, my wife looked up to the snowy sky thinking that the storm had slowed down. I was looking up, like a farmer looking at a dry sky waiting desperately for some rain to come and irrigate the crop he seeded.” ~ Lakshmi Kant

“A Nightmare on December 23rd – 7,145 Miles and A Million Little Steps” – Lakshmi Kant

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Darisi Garg, co-author and producer of audiobook, at her cart in Quaker Bridge Mall.
Honorable Finance Minister of Punjab, S Manpreet Singh Badal at author’s residence in Bathinda, India. (Nov 28, 2021)
Honorable Mayor of Plainsboro (New Jersey), Peter Cantu at author’s residence in Plainsboro, NJ during Ram Leela 2022 event. (Sep 10, 2022)

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Advisory Managing Director Lakshmi Kant publishes book

In his autobiographical book, Lakshmi Kant documents his life story growing up with his orthodox family in a small village in India, his challenging journey to America, to achieving the rank of PPMD. Check out A Nightmare on December 23rd: 7,145 Miles and A Million Little Steps by Lakshmi Kant.

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Tweet by Member of Parliament from Bathinda and a former cabinet minister of India, Harsimran Kaur Badal – July 6, 2021.
Newspaper Cutting from Dainik Bhaskar, November 2021
Listen to the co-authors – Q&A no. 1

What is this book all about?

Question by: Ramaa Rao and Answer by: Noemi Garg, Darisi Garg and Lakshmi Kant – About the title and content of the book

Writing of this Autobiographical Book

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Listen to the co-authors – Q&A no. 2&3

Challenges in writing the book

Question by: Samridhi Chawla and Answer by: Lakshmi Kant and Darisi Garg
Question by: Navita Bhatia and Answer by: Lakshmi Kant


It was the evening the day before Christmas Eve. I stared down at my hands, pale and cold from the lack of circulation. My heart was racing, and my breaths grew shallow. Dark clouds blocked my vision. I heard people shuffling around me, magazine pages flipping, and gurney wheels turning as patients were moved into their rooms. The smell of antiseptics was rampant and unavoidable. A half-finished cup of coffee sat on the table beside me. I was at NYU Langone in Manhattan, New York

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